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People seek personal development programs or life coaching sessions in order to achieve a well balanced and fruitful life. These individuals would like to go after their dreams while nurturing their personal lives and loved ones at the same time. A personal development coach is a professional that helps clients achieve their life goals. The coach evaluates and assesses the client's life status, teaches them how to set goals and then encourages them to act upon these goals in order to achieve them.   Read more great facts on leadership and organizational development, click here. 


How does a life coach or a personal development coach help a client achieve goals and dreams? Personal development coaches are not perfect - they are also individuals like us who have to juggle work and personal matters everyday. If you are dreaming of becoming a personal development coach and believe that you have to gift and talent for this role, here are the traits and characteristics that you should possess in order to become an effective life and personal development coach. For more useful reference regarding executive coaching certification, have a peek here. 




A personal development and life coach should have a vision which will guide him or her towards helping others live a more fruitful and well-balanced life. The vision or philosophy is very important to a reliable coach and he or she should be able to convey it to others well.




An effective and reliable coach is confident without being conceited. He or she is able to gain the trust of other people easily. He has beliefs and principles that are clearly showing in his lifestyle, actions and words. He is completely aware of his worth as an individual thus he is able to teach others how to believe in themselves.  A self development guru serves as a guide and as a mentor. He or she does not dictate, but people believe and trust in his or her abilities.


Inspires Others


A good personal development coach is a good leader, and he is able to motivate and inspire others to achieve their goals. He can inspire and encourage his clients to act towards their goals in the best way possible. Good coaches are great leaders but they are not self-centered.


Appreciates Others


You can become a good and effective personal development coach if you know how to appreciate others and make them feel worthy and valued. Some individuals fail to achieve their goals because they lack confidence and encouragement. A great personal development coach knows how to encourage others so that they will have the energy to grow and passion to improve.


Assess yourself and ask yourself if you have these very important qualities. If you do, you can take life coach training or certified life coach training in order to completely hone your talents and skills. Please view this site for further details.